NO: Anatomy of a GOD AWFUL Outage Notification

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Outages happen. Besides anything internet for a second, a parallel, real-life example is a pipe bursting in a building. Fortunately, the only buildings I’ve been in that haven’t had running water I’ve been in by choice (remote camping cabins). I don’t know a single person that doesn’t drink water, but, without fail, the conduit through which residents get their water will fail at some point. Guaranteed.

The internet. For a… not small portion of the global population… is as present in our days as water. When the internet does not work, it changes the day. Enter Comcast’s AWFUL outage message.

My internet went down. I checked the Xfinity Status Page, the beautiful silver lining to these outages. It was true. My workday was over. “Your XFINITY services may be unavailable because power in your area is shut off.”


This past weekend, for the first time in a decade, I had actually caught up reading every email sent to my personal email. I didn’t miss an advanced notice from Comcast that this was an expected outage. I would’ve read it this past weekend.

So. My internet *may* be unavailable because the power is shut off.

Firstly, pretty sure you can’t have internet without electricity considering bits — the zeros and ones, the elemental building blocks of computing — are LITERALLY A MEASURE OF VOLTAGE.

“Bits can be implemented in several forms. In most modern computing devices, a bit is usually represented by an electrical voltage or current pulse, or by the electrical state of a flip-flop circuit.”

Secondly, is Comcast just 86-ing power on DC’s grid at their own whim? Fortunately, probably not, but that brings me to my next point…


This outage notification was not only a complete farce, it was technically inaccurate, making it, also, a SHAM! Even if it was technically accurate — that Comcast was performing maintenance that would necessitate a power outage — they did not provide ANY ADVANCED NOTICE through the communication mediums they have for me as a customer. 1) Phone? Got that on me almost 24/7. 2) Email? Literally had just finished going through everything that has been sent to me ever (a milestone in my life). 3) Snail Mail? …Um. No. If this was used, it wasn’t in my mailbox two days ago (a Saturday).

The kicker? Off-er of me from my internet? I requested a text when it’s back up, because, apparently, they offer that through their status page. My internet is working again and NO TEXT ABOUT IT.

Maybe their internet is down? If Comcast uses Comcast I wouldn’t be surprised they don’t know the state of their internet service. Judging by this outage notification: 1) They don’t. 2) Couldn’t care less about advance notice. [And] 3) Can’t even let customers… or ?THEMSELVES?… know when the service they are providing IS WORKING AGAIN!

The words you say, matter. @Comcast, say words that matter.

P.S. The absolute wrong response is no words at all; Comcast’s *BEAUTIFUL* Xfinity Status Page gives me a bit of hope in a “gigabit speed” world.

March 22, 2021 - posted by Terry Creamer
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