YES: The Mellowing of Outdoor Restrictions during the Pandemic

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During the pandemic folks shouldn’t see each other. But they must, because complete isolation is torture in prisons. They shouldn’t breathe inside together. But they can’t help that. They shouldn’t go to bars. But some folks want to share drinks together.

They SHOULD be outside. Period.

I’ve lived by Meridian Hill Park in D.C. for five years. I have joined picnics and such on nice days in the park. But involving alcohol always felt perilous. It’s… probably and typically illegal.

DC has done great things during this pandemic. It *seems* (very, very anecdotally) they have lessened enforcement on drinking in parks. If this is true, it’s brilliant. This change isn’t something they would confirm to be true. But low-key policy enforcement adjustments, quite possibly, have had a massive impact on the public’s mental and physical health.

I’m curious what other mild changes to the norm have occurred. Message me if you know of any, especially about DC. And, yeah, I may have taken advantage of this 😂🤭🤷‍♂️🍻.

March 20, 2021 - posted by Terry Creamer
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