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An ambitious professional and Founder of Grounded IT Solutions LLC (“Grounded IT”), an IT training and services company. Proven experience delivering customer needs in Full-Stack, DevOps, Cloud, and network-isolated applications. Primarily works on Node.js w/ React applications hosted on AWS. Has worked as a developer or managed applications written in PHP, Python, and Ruby, and has similar experience with SQL and NoSQL databases. Algorithm experience includes converting time series datasets into hierarchical, hashmap referenceable tree structures, resulting in a population-adjusted, global, over-time, low-bandwidth COVID-19 aggregates analysis dashboard with planetary to U.S. County granularity served as a serverless, single page application. Managerial experience includes overseeing several practitioners and a portfolio of web applications for the State Department's Office of eDiplomacy. This website was built with GatsbyJS and uses a "Headless" WordPress site for content management. Generally considered to be a decent human being. Based in Washington, DC.

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